我司生产的AC-DC电源模块关键元器件均采用国际知名品牌物料,如TDK,YAGEO,RUBYCON ,EVERLIGHT。使用先进的自动化生产设备和工艺,使得产品一致性非常好。公司拥有国际先进测试设备,所有产品通过初测、老化和终测三次测试,从而保证了 “HIECUBE” 电源产品的高可靠性。提供3-36W中小功率模块电源产品,致力于在中小功率领域提供专业化的产品及服务。常规产品采用备库存生产的模式,以满足你快速交期的要求。服务网络遍及全国30多个城市,可满足各地不同客户的供货需求。所生产的电源模块已广泛应用于电力、工业控制、仪器仪表、医疗电子、轨道交通、通讯通信、安防、军工体系等领域。




Guangzhou Gaoya InfoTech Co., Ltd. is located in Guangzhou, Tianhe District, adjacent to Guangzhou Science City, is a research and development, production, sales and service in one of the AC-DC power module    manufacturers. The company has a professional R & D team, product development after the project evaluation, sample test, small batch test, batch setting designing and manufacturing engineering, verification, and      reliability test, the full range of power supply design quality assurance.

Our production of AC-DC power module, the key components all use international brand materials,such as TDK,YAGEO,RUBYCON ,EVERLIGHT.The use of advanced automated production equipment and processes, so that product consistency is very good. The company has international advanced testing equipment, all products through preliminary testing, burn in and final test, so as to ensure the "HIECUBE" power supply products high reliability.We provide 3-36W medium power module products, dedicated to providing specialized products and services in the field of small and medium power. Regular products are available in stock production to meet your fast delivery requirements. Service network throughout the country more than 30 cities, can meet the supply requirements of different customers. The production power module has been widely used in power, industrial control, instrumentation, medical electronics, rail transportation, communications, security, military systems, and other fields.

Over the years, Guangzhou Gaoya  InfoTech Ltd has always been adhering to the "innovation oriented". In this competitive era, we resolutely adhere to the high performance price ratio of products and establish a sound cooperative relationship with customers, step by step to become a leader in the power industry, make the brand of "HIECUBE" for the benefit of the world, and a global reputation.

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